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I’m Louisa, an Italian graduate living in Tuscany with my family since 2012. You will find me cooking, eating, and breathing Italian food when I am not in my vegetable garden with my four kids and flock of chickens.

My passion for Italy and its food has been with me since I can remember. I first came to Italy as a bright-eyed 19-year-old straight out of high school to work on Italian farms learning the ins and outs of the local agricultural system and its importance for Italy’s entire food network. I then graduated in Italian Language and Literature from Smith College, presenting my final senior thesis on the Slow Food movement in Italy and its role in shaping Italy’s identity from a cultural and economic point of view.

Since then, I have had extensive experience studying Italian food through grants and scholarships. I have written for magazines, websites, and online publications, all the while traveling and tasting all of Italy’s 20 regions. I have also been a guest at American high schools as the local reference guide and specialist in Italian food. 

Not long after getting together with my now husband, Pietro, I learned that his grandfather was the founder of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and the author of a beautifully written 5 volume Italian cookbook dedicated to newlyweds who might be in desperate need of a cooking bible. I am lucky enough to have the original manuscript, which I initially devoured and often reference to this day.

I have gone on to open my own food company, adhering to the “Made in Italy’ quality standard of ingredients and food production. Food photography, recipe development, and knowledge of Italian food culture have been cornerstones of my journey as an entrepreneur. 

Throughout my time studying in Italy and the now 10+ years of living ‘la dolce vita’ in Tuscany, I have developed the know-how and expertise not only as an academic but as a local with first-hand experience and knowledge of the region and, more importantly, Italian food culture as a whole. 

Join me as we eat our way through Italy’s food and its deeply seeded culinary traditions that have made Italian food so known and loved worldwide.  Indulge in the simplicity of Italian cooking, twirl your spaghetti like a local, and most importantly, taste, enjoy, and share food the Italian way, in ‘convivialità’ – in good company!

Louisa Loring

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