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Best Italian Olive Oil Brands in America – Where to Buy Them and How to Store Them 

Last updated on July 1st, 2024

Wondering which Italian olive oil brands are worth buying in America?

We live in Italy and know what an excellent Italian olive oil tastes like. We also spend time in the United States and enjoy eating our favorite foods with a delicious Italian olive oil.

This is our complete guide to the best Italian olive oil brands easily available on the American market – either your local supermarket or on Amazon.

We chose our favorites based on availability, price and quality. Each of these olive oils has exactly what you want from a well-rounded olive oil: they are fruity and full-bodied, ideal for cooking yet at the same time perfect for finishing salads and grilled meats. 

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Best Italian Olive Oil Brands Available in America

BrandOriginWe RecommendAvailability OnlineAvailability in Large Supermarkets
BertolliEURich TasteAmazon Yes
MoniniItalyPremium Extra Virgin AmazonYes
FarchioniEU with 100% Italian availableOrganic Extra VIrgin Olive OilAmazonYes
CarapelliEU with 100% Italian availableOro VerdeAmazonYes
De CeccoEU with 100% Italian availableExtra-Virgin Olive OilAmazonYes
Filippo BerioEU with 100% Italian availableExtra-Virgin Olive OilAmazonYes
Kirkland SignatureItalyExtra-Virgin Olive OilCostcoCostco


Bottles of Bertolli olive oil on grocery store shelf.

Bertolli is the best-selling olive oil in the entire world which is why it checked our box for “good crowd pleaser” when testing olive oils.

Founded in Lucca in 1865, the company has slowly but surely made its name not only in Italy, but in over 45 countries.

Most of the olives they use are grown in Italy, but unfortunately they do not have enough access to make their oil 100% made in Italy (the small remainder comes from the Mediterranean, however, so strong EU standards of quality and farming practices are adhered to).

The company produces various kinds of oil original being their most popular but we prefer the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich Taste or Bold Taste. 


Monini is a relatively new company founded in 1920 in Spoleto, Umbria where olives grow in abundance.

Most of their olive oils make for great everyday oils but our favorite is the Premium Extra Virgin which has a beautiful color and a slight, spicy kick to it. This is a slightly more expensive option which is why we recommend it as a finishing oil.

Their other varieties are best for everyday cooking.


This family-run company has been around since 1780. It was founded in Umbria with the goal of producing high-quality products at a competitive price.

Farchioni’s line of oils is extensive and each one is made with love and attention to detail: Farchioni extra virgin olive oil; Delicate extra virgin olive oil; Fruity extra virgin olive oil; 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil; Organic extra virgin olive oil; Novello extra virgin olive oil; Olive Oil. Our favorite is the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Bottles of Carapelli brand olive oil on grocery store shelf.

Founded in Tuscany in 1893, Carapelli is committed to producing and exporting innovative oils while staying true to ancient Tuscan traditions of quality and practice.

They have a very large range of olive oils from everyday oils for cooking to cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils for finishing.

This is one of our top choices for packaging as well. It’s simple and beautiful while functional: the bottles are glass, and dark in color for keeping your oil at its best for the longest possible time.

Our favorite is the Oro Verde, meaning “green cold” made from 100% Italian olives. It’s rich and fruity, great for raw consumption on salads or carpaccio, with bread or drizzled on soups before serving. 

De Cecco

This Italian-based company was founded in 1886 and today, offers a large range of Italian products to the American market, including great olive oil.

They produce six different kinds, all characterized by a green/golden color and the smell of sweet cut grass (this is a good thing when we are talking about olive oil!). Their oil is perfectly balanced between bitter and spicy with fruity body, making them ideal for cooking and finishing.

Their classic olive oil is their best-selling but they also sell 100% Italian, fruity, delicate, unfiltered and exclusive.

Our favorite is, not surprisingly, the 100% Italian variety. 

Filippo Berio

Bottles of Filippo Berio olive oil on a grocery store shelf in the United States of America.

This is one of the most common olive oil brands in America today, but it has been around since 1867 when it was founded in Italy.

Although their oils are not 100% Italian, they are produced in Italy, meaning they are held to high-quality production standards that other countries may not have. Despite the fact that the oils are blends, they are wonderful base-line oils from which to start and gain an appreciation for olive oil.

The most versatile and all-around oil is their Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (great for cooking, salads, marinades and baking) although their other varieties are amazing as well: Rubosto, 100% Italian and California.

I would opt for the Extra Virgin for cooking but go for either the 100% Italian or California for finishing. 

Costco – Kirkland Signature

Hand holding large bottle of Costco's Kirkland olive oil next to sign with price.

Costco’s own Kirkland Signature brand Italian extra-virgin olive oil has a huge following, and for good reason. The olive oil is high-quality and continually rates highly in blind taste tests. It’s also excellent value.

The olives in the Costco olive oil are grown, pressed, and bottled in Italy. There is also an organic version.

Best Italian Olive Oil BrandsHonorable Mentions:

Bottles of Colavita olive oil on grocery store shelf.
  • Best budget-friendly olive oil: we recommend Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the flavor is delicate yet you can taste the distinct flavor from the olives. The main thing we don’t like, however, is that it is sold in plastic which is not great for storage. If you can, transfer it to dark glass bottles for a longer shelf life.  Although not all their olives are from Italy, we include it because the company was founded in Italy and still has strong ties to the Italian market. If you don’t like the spice of many extra virgin olive oils, this one’s for you!
  • Best high-end olive oil: Looking for a great gift or something for a special occasion? Try Calivirgin Extra-Virgin Olive Oil available at specialty stores and on Amazon.
  • Colavita Italian Blend is not too strong yet it gives enough added flavor to your cooking and salads. 

How to Store Olive Oil

Olive oil is subject to heat, air and light and will change dramatically in flavor and smell if it’s left to the open air, heat and light. 

  • Keep oil in a dark colored glass bottle out of direct light and away from heat. Do not keep it next to your stovetop (although it is the most logical spot if you use it for cooking). 
  • Always put the cap back on.
  • If you plan on transferring the oil to a dispenser, choose one that is solid instead of glass to shield it from light (if you are in Italy this is the time to bring a beautiful handmade one home with you).
  • Do not keep it in very cold places because it will start to freeze and get a bit grainy in texture. 

Learn More: Read our detailed guide – How to Store Olive Oil.

Grocery store shelves full of bottles of olive oil in the USA.

Best Italian Olive Oil BrandsFAQ

What kind of olive oils do Italians use?

Most Italians use extra virgin olive oil for most everything, except for frying. Typically those who produce their own olive will use olio nuovo or this year’s production for eating raw and last year’s oil for cooking. Italians who don’t have the means to make their own will use the current year’s extra virgin olive oil for both cooking and consuming raw. 

Which region in Italy produces the most olive oil?

Puglia and Calabria produce the most oil, 36% and 33% respectively. 

How long does olive oil last?

Olive oil should be consumed within 18 months of production to get the best flavor from it. After that it starts to change dramatically and is better used for cooking. If you have a really good oil from Italy you should use it preferably within 6 months, but again, it won’t go bad after that, it will just change and the quality will degrade significantly. 

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