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Best Takeout Lunch Spots in Montepulciano

Last updated on July 22nd, 2024

Looking for a quick lunch in Montepulciano before you hit the road and move on to your next destination in Italy? Maybe you are traveling with kids and you want to pick something up for a picnic or need an easy, casual lunch spot. 

Whatever your reason, you can be confident in finding what you want for a quick lunch or to-go option with my guide to best to-go lunch spots in Montepulciano.

I have been living in the area for over a decade now. It’s a crazy life with four kids in Italy and these helpful, speedy and reliable lunch eateries in Montepulciano make life so much easier. 

In this article, I will outline my top five to-go takout lunch options to choose in Montepulciano including details on what to order, what each is known for and why my family loves it. 

Nice To Know: At almost all of these lunch spots you can sit down as well and enjoy a quick, casual lunch so you can get back on the road, back to touring or back to wine tasting! 

Pizzeria E Cucina Da Linda

Woman holding takeaway boxes of pizza in front of a pizzeria in Italy.
My holding my take-out pizza from Pizzeria Linda in Montepulciano

Via Elio Bernabei, 2, 53045 Montepulciano

Best For: Takeout pizza

Location: Outside city walls at Porta al Prato

My Favorite Pizza: Parmigiana (with eggplant and parmesan cheese)

Cook busy prepping pizzas in a restaurant. Pizza oven in center.

Pizzeria Linda is a really casual but reliable pizzeria located just outside the city walls next to the large supermarket CONAD in Montepulciano.

The pizzeria is family run and managed, making it a very friendly place. Originally from Albania, Linda and her husband came to Italy when their first son was only five years old and opened the pizzeria. 

Ever since, it’s been a staple for tourists and locals alike, serving up traditional style pizzas, calzones, and first and second course dishes

Hands holding fork and knife over a pizza with eggplant and parmigiano toppings.
My favorite pizza with eggplant that I always get from Pizzeria Linda

Choose either an indoor or outdoor table for an easy and quick lunch or call in or wait 15 minutes for take-out pizza. 

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Alimentari Enoteca Lo Sfizio Montepulciano

Entrance to shop with wine, food souvenirs, and drinks on an Italian street.

Via dell’Opio Nel Corso, 29

Best For: Classic Italian sandwiches made to-order with what you like

Location: Close to the top of Montepulciano

My Favorite Dish: sandwiches made with schiacciata and the baked ham (prosciutto arrosto).

Alimentari Enoteca Lo Sfizio is one of those holes in the wall that catches your eye from a first glance. It’s small but packed to the brim with the absolute best local food products any foodie could hope to find, including an excellent enoteca, canned goods, locally made pasta and a whole deli.

Deli display and chalkboard signs in an Italian shop.

I come here when I need a quick lunch in Montepulciano at the right price. Order a sandwich at the deli to your liking, asking for whatever cured meats, cheese and bread that is fresh that day. They even have freshly roasted porchetta panini, although not everyday, a hearty sandwich made from roasted pork seasoned with herbs and crispy skin.  

You can either have them wrap up your sandwich or eat it standing with a glass of wine outside the shop, where you can rest your wine glass on the small shelf as you eat.

Jars of pasta sauces and food products like sundried tomatoes on shelves in a shop in Italy.

Tip: This shop is one of my favorite spots to pick up food gifts to bring back to my family in America. They stock a ton of really good sauces, condiments and preserved veggies that travel well and speak to the local culinary traditions of Montepulciano.

Il Forno Del Borgo

Hand holding up schiacciata in front of a bakery in Italy.

Viale Piero Calamandrei, 9, 53045 Montepulciano

Best For: Classic schiacciata and focaccia sandwiches

Location: Outside city walls at Porta al Prato

My Favorite: Schiacciata panino with prosciutto crudo

Il Forno del Borgo is a new bakery in Montepulciano run by a kind and welcoming bread maker from Sarteano. She is from Fonte Vetrina, a very cute Borgo or hamlet just 25 minutes from Montepulciano up on Monte Cetona.

Display of cookies at a bakery in Italy.

Everything at the bakery is made from their own flour milled from their own ancient grain varieties at the farm, even their cookies!

The one thing about this bakery to know is that it’s popular! Things sell out quickly so if you are hoping to get some good snacks or sandwiches to go, get there early, even in the morning and then keep it for later. If I go in at 1:00 pm, it’s quite picked over.

Stacks of pizza slices.

Good To Know: Because this is a bakery, there is no seating. It’s take-away only!

Bar Enoteca Piazza Delle Erbe

People talking, eating, and drinking outside a wine shop in Italy.

Via dell’Erbe, 1, Montepulciano

Best For: Hearty sandwiches either to-go or dine-in

Location: Mid-town

My Favorite: Pecorino and vegetable sandwich

Bar Enoteca has just about everything you could want and in no time. I actually really can only speak to their delicious sandwiches and coffee but it’s always overflowing with people sitting down and ordering pastas, crostini, tagliere and other specialties of Montepulciano.

I often stop in here for breakfast and coffee in the morning and then will swing back to pick up sandwiches to bring home. Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to their pre-set sandwich menu – they are happy to make changes and accommodate you!

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L’Angolo Dei Sapori

Sign on red awning above darkened doorway to shop entrance in Italy.

Str. per Chianciano, 2, 53045 Bivio di San Biagio

Best For: Good, hearty meals of all kinds ready in 3 minutes

Location: Outside of Montepulciano next to the Temple of San Biagio 

My Favorite Dish: Roasted Chicken with a side of roasted artichokes

Display of cooked food at a place for takeaway food in Italy.

L’Angolo dei Sapori is by far the best tavola calda I have ever been to in Italy. A tavola calda is an Italian eatery with pre-prepared meals that are then warmed to order. The owners are Sicilian and the food tastes like it’s from your Italian grandma – full of love.

Everyday the menu changes but you will always find a wide selection of first courses, second courses and side dishes, all of which can be enjoyed sitting down or can be wrapped up to-go.

I usually opt for the second courses and side dishes because I don’t love warmed up pasta but I can tell you, they are usually the first to go so they must be good.

Plate with roasted chicken and side dish.

Get here early. This is a popular spot for construction workers and they eat lunch between 12:00 – 1:00 pm. They are hungry guys and after they come by, they have made a pretty good dent in what is offered that day!

Good To Know: The bar next door is owned by the same family. Stop here for your post lunch coffee or caffè corretto!