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Couple hugging and smiling at camera on street in Florence, Italy.

Where To Book Your Valentine’s Dinner in Florence, Italy (2024) – Advice From A Local Couple 

Planning a romantic evening in Florence this year? It seems like the Valentine’s Day dinner options are endless but I am here to help. 

I have been married to a Florentine for over 10 years now. I thus, consider myself pretty qualified to recommend the best restaurants for a Valentine’s dinner in Florence, Italy.

All of these restaurants are chosen based on first hand experience although only some have specific preset Valentine’s Day menus. 

Important Tip: Although Valentine’s Day in Italy isn’t as popular as in the US, it’s important to pre-book your table far in advance. That means yesterday! 

Keep in mind that most of my recommendations can cater to dietary restrictions and needs as long as you are in touch with them PRIOR to your reservation. 

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Where To Book Your Valentine’s Dinner in Florence Quick Guide

Restaurant NameNeighborhoodBooking RequiredValentine’s Day MenuBest For
IreneHistoric District+39 055 273 5891 or online4 course meal for €75* per person (beverages excluded) with two different options for each courseSurprise Valentine’s Day celebration in Florence
Brunelleschi HotelHistoric District+39 055.27370 or email info@hotelbrunelleschi.it 5 course meal for €99 with curated wine pairings includedAll inclusive Valentine’s Day dinner in Florence / haute cuisine
Il Santo BevitoreOltarno (Santo Spirito)+39 055 211264 or email info@ilsantobevitore.com Regular menu including daily Valentine’s Day specialsEating with the locals / Vegetarians
Il Salotto Portinari at Atto di Vito MollicaHistoric District +39 055 535 3555 or online5 course meal for €100* per person (beverages excluded) Foodies in Florence 
Sesto Rooftop Bar and Restaurant Santa Maria Novella+39 055 27152783 or onlineÀ la carte regular menu or Valentine’s Day special selection of oysters, raw fish and dessert Valentine’s Day in Florence with a view (and pictures to remember!)
Gucci Osteria da Massimo BotturaHistoric District+39 055 062 1744 or email gucciosteria.mb@gucci.com Regular menu with seasonal / daily specialsCouples looking for a luxury dinner + special gift (shopping and dining)

* Prices subject to change


Bar and dining area inside Irene in Florence, Italy. Bar area with bottles on back shelf and wine glasses and cocktail glasses ready to be used.

Best For: Surprise Valentine’s Day celebration in Florence

Irene has a unique Valentine’s Day evening formula that they have been using for years now, bringing back locals time and again and tourists year after year.

So what’s so special? Irene creates a whole evening experience with a special surprise included (I do know what it is but I cannot say!). What I can tell you is that it’s a surprise worth waiting for (and paying for!). 

The food at Irene is simple yet sophisticated with attention to seasonal and local ingredients from the surrounding Tuscan hills. 

Each year for Valentine’s Day, Irene creates a 4 course meal for €75 euro per person (beverages excluded) with two different options for each course, making it great for couples who don’t like to eat the same things or have different diets. 

Choose from foods like lobster ravioli, fettuccine with burrata and black truffle, roasted squid and veal filet. There is something to fit every pallet and diet! 

Brunelleschi Hotel

Glass and wood doors at main entrance to Brunelleschi Hotel in Florence, Italy.

Best For: All inclusive Valentine’s day dinner in Florence / haut-cuisine in Florence

The restaurant on the top floor of the Brunelleschi hotel makes celebrating Valentine’s Day in Florence a snap. Their all-inclusive 5 course meal (all wine pairings, water and coffee included) is a no-brainer. You can preview their special Valentine’s Day menu online. 

For an extra special treat, book yourself a night here and don’t worry about getting from one place to another on Valentine’s Day. Go from the comforts of your 4 star hotel room to a full rooftop dining experience without braving the cold or crowds. 

The restaurant has been awarded 2 Michelin stars, making it my top pick for haute cuisine as well in Florence. Chef Rocco De Santis’ dishes are thoughtful, creative and always changing based on what inspires him in the moment. 

Il Santo Bevitore 

Main entrance to Il Santo Bevitore in Florence, Italy. Wooden doorway with glass windows and plants on either side of door.

Best For: Dining with the locals / Vegetarians 

Il Santo Bevitore is for those of you wishing to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Florence elbow to elbow with the locals. This Michelin Guide Florentine favorite has been around for over a decade now and since it first opened, it has been a local hangout. 

Their cuisine is curated but always keeping traditional Tuscan cuisine close to heart. Think dishes like ribollita or pappa al pomodoro but with a new and modern spin. They also boast an extensive and well curated wine list. 

The dining room is elegant and the mood is romantic, making it the perfect off the beaten track corner of Florence for a tête-à-tête. 

Good To Know: The menu at Il Santo Bevitore can accommodate celiac and vegetarian travelers. 

Il Salotto Portinari at Atto di Vito Mollica 

Dining room at upscale restaurant in Florence, Italy. Statue in the middle of the room, tables with white tablecloths, arches around the room.

Best For: Foodies in Italy 

The Atto di Vito Mollica is perhaps Florence’s most interesting and new addition to the restaurant scene. 

It’s quite expensive but it’s worth it. Chef Mollica defines each dish he creates as an act or atto of love, also representing his act of responsibility towards the land that gives him all he needs to be creative in the kitchen. 

This restaurant and bar complex located in Corte Cosimo I in Via del Corso is actually three dining experiences in one: the Atto Restaurant, Il Salotto Portinari and the Eye bar. 

For Valentine’s Day, they offer a special 5 course menu including both seafood and wild game (beverages not included) for €100.00 per person.  You can preview their menu online. 


Rooftop bar with large glass windows and view of Duomo in Florence, Italy.

Best For: Valentine’s Day in Florence with a view (and pictures to remember!)

Sesto is my top pick for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration with a 360 view of Florence and an epic view of the Duomo. 

The large rooftop space is moderna chic characterized by glass windows overlooking the city.

You can order from their regular à la carte menu or choose from their Valentine’s Day special selection of oysters, raw fish and dessert

Sesto is expensive so if it isn’t right for you but you are willing to splurge on cocktails, pre book a table for your aperitivo. This way, you get the view and experience without the price tag. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to go outside on the open terrace to get your couples picture with Florence as your backdrop!

Gucci Osteria

Inside Gucci Osteria in Florence, Italy. The decor is green, black, and white. There are archways and people eating and waiters wearing camouflage aprons.

Best For: Couples who want luxury dinner + special gift (shopping and dining)

Located right in Piazza della Repubblica, the Michelin guide Gucci Osteria is my top pick for couples who want a luxury shopping and dining experience all in one for Valentine’s Day.

I recommend Gucci Osteria for Valentine’s Day in Florence if you want a really stylish experience, food included. The dishes are modern and chic, mirroring the lavish dining room and shop next door. 

Choose from their 5 course or 7 course menu.

Chocolate Lovers: Don’t miss their Valentine’s Day Cremini chocolates for sale, only for Valentine’s Day.

Bonus: Breakfast In Bed & Valentine’s Day Cake

Cakes in a window display at Dolci e Dolcezza pastry shop in Florence, Italy.

Not up for going out to eat or you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Florence with other acts of love besides a meal together? Choose from these foodie options as well: 

Melaleuca Bakery + Bistrot

Best For: Saying ti amo or “I love you” from afar. If you can’t be together, add this to the delivered flowers! 

One of Florence’s most popular spots for brunch, coffee and breakfast along the Arno is now offering delivered baked goods in celebration of Valentine’s Day in Florence this year. 

Choose from treats like red velvet cupcakes and chocolate Guinness cake to have delivered to your loved ones. Of course, you can choose items from their regular breakfast menu (bagels, croissants, etc.) to have delivered as well. 

Send your special Valentine’ s Day orders via email melaleuca.florence@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Pasticceria Dolci e Dolcezze

Best For: A sweet surprise at home 

Some of Florence’s best cakes are available for purchase and pre order in celebration of Valentine’s Day at Dolci & Dolcezze. This bakery (and cafe) has some of the best pastry in all of Florence and they never miss a beat. 

For Valentine’s Day they make a selection of special love inspired cakes decorated in hearts and flavored with red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. Choose from small or large cakes and pick them up for an extra special treat for your boo. 

Call +39 055 234 5458 or be in touch via Instagram @dolci_e_dolcezze for more information, prices and availability. 

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