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Best Pizza in Florence, Italy (2024) – From a Local

Last updated on May 10th, 2024

Is there anything more disappointing than biting into an ‘ok’ slice of pizza in Italy?

Not really – which is why I’ve put together this list of where you can find the best pizza in Florence, Italy.

In recent years the number of pizzerie (pizzerias) in Florence grown exponentially, and I’m constantly tempted by mouthwatering pictures of the newest Florentine pizza. 

I’m married to an Italian and we have four kids, so pizza makes it into our weekly dinner routine. We’ve hit up all of the newest pizzerias in Florence, but we still visit our tried-and-trusted pizzerie

Check out where you can find the best pizza in Florence, Italy in 2024!

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Pizza in Florence, Italy

street view of berbere pizzeria

When I think of pizza I always think of Naples, home to the most famous pizza in the world, but in recent years the pizza scene has exploded in Florence. While it may not be Naples, it sure is a close runner-up. Italians and tourists love pizza and Florence has options to suit your mood!

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Quick Guide – Best Pizza in Florence

PizzeriaNeighborhoodSpecialtyBest forOutdoor Seating
Pizza Man – de AmicisCampo di Martetake-awaypizza outside of city centerNo
NeromoOltrarnodate nightNo
BerberèCity Center/San FredianosourdoughsourdoughYes
Giovanni SantarpiaPorta Romana – Le Due StradeNapolitan-style pizzabest new pizzeriaYes
La BussolaCity Centerpear, pecorino and walnut pizzabest central locationYes
Largo 9Sant’Ambrogiococktails to go with your pizzaa modern settingYes
Giotto PizzeriaSanta Maria Novella / NovoliNeapolitan-style pizzato go with a local
Pizzeria Antica PortaPorta Romanathin pizzaclassic Italian pizzeriaNo
Il PizzaiuoloSant’Ambrogioneapolitan appetizersNeapolitan-style pizzaYes
Fratelli CuoreSanta Maria Novella Train Stationtravel by trainYes
Gustariumhistoric city centerpizza by the sliceon-the-go pizza by the sliceNo
Mister Pizzahistoric city centergluten-free pizzagluten-free and pizza by the sliceYes
GustapizzaSanto Spiritoneapolitan-style pizzastudentsYes
Pizza Napoli 1955Uffizi, city centerneapolitan-style pizzaafter museums / people watchingYes
Il Vecchio e il MarePiazza Beccariaan eclectic menularge groupsYes
Borgo AnticoSanto Spiritoclassic thin pizzaspeople watchingYes

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Map of Best Pizza in Florence

Best Pizza in Florence – From a Local!

Best Pizza out of City Center – Pizza Man

close up pizzas margherita from top view with red sauce and mozzarella white cheese with three pieces of whole basil on top
The pizza margherita that I always order from Pizza Man

Pizza Man – Viale Edmondo de Amicis, 47 

This is a hole-in-the-wall and for years considered the local’s secret to great neapolitan-style pizza. They have about five pizzas on their menu with a daily special. Inside there are four stools where you can sit and watch the pizza being made while you eat. There are about five other seats to sit down and that’s it. 

Fun Fact: While you wait they will offer you a slice of their own impromptu creation of the moment such as a small slice of calzone filled with fresh greens and ricotta. 

Best For Date Night – Neromo

neromo pizzera from the outside street view. ivy growing around front door made of glass

Neromo – Borgo S. Frediano, 23r

Head to Neromo for great neapolitan-style pizza made with fresh ingredients in a slightly more formal setting. The atmosphere is moody, romantic and dimly-lit so it’s great for adults and one-on-one dinners. They also serve other items besides pizza such as fish and a few first courses for anyone not in the mood for pizza. 

Best Sourdough – Berberè

close up of glass window with berbere pizzeria written in white.

Berberè – Piazza dei Nerli, 1 / Via dei Benci, 7  

Berberè first opened in San Frediano, oltrarno (on the other side of the river from the main tourist attractions) and did so well they opened another location at the corner of via dei Neri and via dei Benci right downtown just down the road from Santa Croce. They specialize in slow-rise sourdoughs with a variety of crust options. Their signature is cutting the pizza into eight slices before bringing it to the table. 

Fact: Most Italians eat their pizza with a fork and knife when they are in a restaurant.

Best New Pizzeria – Giovanni Santarpia

Giovanni Santarpia – Via Senese, 155r

Perhaps not so new anymore, opened in 2015, it is certainly the best “newish” pizzeria on the Florentine scene. Named after its owner and pizzaiolo or pizza maker, Giovanni Santarpia, this joint is one of the best places to enjoy true neapolitan-style pizzas. Try their specialty “gold-colored” pizzas made with yellow cherry tomatoes. 

Best Central Location – La Bussola

side street view of la bussola pizzeria with sign overhead of entrance and a menu on a stand to the left side of the door surrounded by brick wall

La Bussola – via porta rossa 56r

This is the best option if you are in the historic center touring around and you need to refuel. Sight seeing is hard work so you may want to stay close to the top tourist attractions without feeling like you are missing out on the best Florentine pizza. Well you are not! This historic pizzeria is as authentic as it gets. They also have outdoor seating (weather permitting running along the street which is great for people watching! 

Best Modern Setting – Largo 9

side view of restaurant largo nove with brown sign hanging in center with tables outside set for dinner on either side on a dark grey terrace

Largo 9 – Largo Pietro Annigoni, 9/C

Our top pick for a modern pizza experience. Not only can you find a modern spin on classic favorites but they also have made a name for themselves in cocktails. Do yourself a favor and plan to stay awhile – start with drinks and then move onto food. You can even watch the pizza being made through their big glass windows looking into the kitchen – you won’t be disappointed! 

Best to Go with a Local – Giotto Pizzeria Bistro

side view of pizzeria with large umbrella covering tables outdoors with a couple sitting at a table on the right hand side at dusk.

Giotto Pizzeria Bistro -Via Panzani, 57V / ia Francesco Veracini, 22/d

This neapolitan-style pizza has become one of Florence’s favorite pizzerias and for good reason. The crust is light and airy and the ingredients and toppings are always fresh and plentiful. Try going with a local who will be able to point to the best items on the menu. If you save space for desserts, I highly recommend making the leap!

Best for a Classic Italian Pizzeria Experience – Pizzeria Antica Porta

street view of entrance to pizzeria with people standing outdoors with a closed outdoor seating area vacant on the street.

Pizzeria Antica Porta – Via Senese, 23

Our top pick for a true Italian pizzeria experience. It is simple and filled with Italians. You will probably be the only tourist if you make the short trek from the Porta Romana door. The pizza is a traditional “flat” pizza, meaning not puffy like a neapolitan pizza. The setting is rustic: paper placemats, waiters yelling over your table and loud Italians on your left and right. I love it!

Fact: Assume all pizzerias in Italy do take out. You can either call it in or walk in and wait 15 minutes for your pies to cook.

Best Neapolitan-style pizza – Il Pizzaiuolo

street view of a large wooden door front with golden writing of pizzeria on top with a stand and a menu outdoors. bricks on either side of the building wall

Il Pizzaiuolo – Via dei Macci, 113r

A tried and true favorite with locals and tourists. You cannot beat the pizza margherita here made with mozzarella di bufala. Be sure to make a reservation because this place is always packed and don’t miss their neapolitan-style appetizers. 

Best at the train station – Fratelli Cuore

view of glass door with large sign in red written pizzeria fratelli cuore caffe with tv inside and ordering counter behind large glass doors.

Fratelli Cuore – Piazza della Stazione

This pizzeria couldn’t be in a more convenient location and I couldn’t be happier. I hate being rushed when traveling so why not arrive early and grab some great lunch before your trip? You will notice everyone around you has a suitcase with them but the vibe is anyhow classy.

Best For On The Go – Gustarium

side view of street outside gustarium pizzeria with two arches with dark glass windows and cement walls around

Gustarium – Via dei Cimatori, 24r,

Another great location if you are in the historic city center. You can either sit down or get pizza al taglio – pizza by the slice if you are in a rush or don’t want a whole pizza. This is a great way to sample different kinds of pizza without committing to a whole pie!

Fact: Pizza by the slice isn’t Italy’s classic way of serving pizza but you will notice it is becoming more and more popular. 

Best Gluten-Free Options – Mister Pizza

mister pizza restaurant from the outside view looking into the front entrance

Mister Pizza – Piazza del Duomo / Via Pietrapiana, 82

With great late-night hours, pizza by the slice and gluten-free options this is a great choice for locals and tourists alike. From a first glance it does look a bit touristy but don’t be fooled, the pizza is good and the convenience can’t be beat. Now in two locations, both around the Duomo

Best for Students – Gustapizza

street view of gusta pizza with open doors and a green sign with gold writing on top

Gustapizza – Via Maggio, 46r

With new outdoor seating in the Santo Spirito area this is a great little joint that you can’t miss – just follow the herds of people and the long line. This is the most popular pizzeria for students (I remember going as one myself) and for take-away in the area. The menu is small with a daily special but don’t let this turn you away. This is perhaps Florence’s busiest pizzeria day and late into the night!

Foodie Tip: Gustapizza became so popular that they also opened up a restaurant, Gustaosteria and sandwich shop, Gustapanino just down the road. 

Best Pizza After Uffizi Tour – Pizza Napoli 1955

street view of pizzeria napoli with people inside

Pizza Napoli 1955 – Via dei Neri, 73r,  

This is similar to Gustapizza, very casual and easygoing. There are a few tables outdoors which make for fantastic people watching (Via dei Neri is a very busy street as it connects the Uffizi to the Santa Croce area). 

Best For Friends Who Can’t Agree – Il Vecchio e il Mare

Il Vecchio e il Mare – Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 61N

Just outside the city walls you will find this pizzeria in one of the most popular residential areas. This is a favorite of mine because not only do they have great pizza but also great seafood so it’s ideal for large groups of people who can’t always agree on what to eat. 

Best People Watching – Borgo Antico

side view of piazza with trees in foreground and large brown umbrellas over tables outdoors of a pizzeria behind the tree line.

Borgo Antico – Piazza Santo Spirito, 6r

Great outdoor seating, a casual setting and an amazing location. You can’t get more authentic than an area like Santo Spirito. Enjoy classic “thin” Italian pizza for dinner but stick around to get a glimpse of Italian nightlife. The square is hustling and bustling with both kids, young adults and old-timers. 

Good to Know: A favorite after school snack for Italian children is pizzette, small sound pizza bites about the same diameter as a golf ball. Pick up a bag of them at any bakery for a quick snack.

Other Popular Pizzerie in Florence

two pizzas cooking in a wood-fire oven from side view
  • O’ Munaciello 
  • Osteria del caffè Italiano
  • La Divina Pizza
  • Don Fefè
  • Cucina Torcicoda
  • Pizzeria Lo Sprone

Tip: Try popping in a pasticceria or forno, where you will find many different types of pizza by the slice. They are not like traditional pizzas but baked on a sheet pan in squares and served by the square or rectangle instead of a slice. A great option if you don’t want to sit down or if you are in a rush.

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Best Pizza in Florence FAQ

Do grocery stores in Florence sell pizza?

You can buy frozen pizza and in larger supermarkets in the bakery section they will have pizzas that are freshly made up but that need to be cooked in the oven. You can also purchase pizza by the slice and ready to bake pizza dough in the bakery section. 

Is Florence known for pizza?

Napoli is actually the most well known city in Italy for pizza but Florence is becoming ever more popular.

Do Italians eat frozen pizza?

Italians love pizza so much they eat even frozen pizza regularly. The frozen pizza on the market is quite delicious!