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Best Coffee In Florence – A Florentine Local’s Guide To The Best Cafés In Florence

Last updated on June 22nd, 2024

You’re probably coming to Florence for its architecture, art history, sculpture and food… but did you know Florence is also one of the best cities in Italy to drink coffee?

The best coffee in Florence is fairly easy to come across and plan into your itinerary because the best coffee joints are pretty spread out across the city. 

Whether you are looking for craft coffee or more of a traditional coffee experience in Florence, I have you covered. Let’s take a look at my top picks for the best coffee in Florence, including:

  • the top coffee roasters in Florence
  • Florence’s best craft coffee
  • Florence’s best traditional coffee
  • where to get coffee in Florence and how to enjoy it like a true Florentine

Best Coffee In Florence – At A Glance

Inside register area at Ditta Artigianale in Florence, Italy. You can see signs with food and coffee options and pastries on display.

Note: The table below has my top picks for the best coffee in Florence. Under the “Best For” column, I am adding things besides coffee that the coffee shop or cafe is known for. 

NameArea Of Florence AddressCoffee CategoryBest For
Ditta Artigianale(five locations)Santa CrocePiazza FerrucciPiazza del CarmineSant’Ambrogio Palazzo PittiVia dei Neri, 30/32R Piazza Ferrucci 1RVia Lungarno Soderini 7RVia dei Carducci 2R Via dello Sprone 5RBest craft coffee in FlorenceCool, trendy vibe with extensive menu (including people who don’t like coffee) and aperitivo
MelaleucaSanta CroceLungarno delle Grazie, 18Best craft coffee in FlorenceInternational menu including great brunch and best pastries in Florence
Coffee MantraSant’AmbrogioBorgo la Croce, 7RBest craft coffee in FlorenceTrying new coffee drinks and gelato-coffee treats
SimbIOsiSan LorenzoVia de’ Ginori, 64RBest craft coffee in FlorenceGetting away from crowds, organic food with light lunch options from their bistro menu
La MénagèreSan LorenzoVia de’ Ginori, 8R Best craft coffee in FlorenceCool atmosphere, meals and shopping experience all-in-one
GilliPiazza della RepubblicaVia Roma, 1RBest traditional coffee in FlorenceBest location and cleanest restrooms 
Caffè Concert PaszkowskiPiazza della RepubblicaPiazza della Repubblica, 6Best traditional coffee in FlorenceBest location for people watching
Caffè ScudieriPiazza DuomoPiazza di San Giovanni, 19RBest traditional coffee in FlorenceBest location and classic Italian pastries 
RivoirePiazza della SignoriaPiazza della Signoria, 5RBest traditional coffee in FlorenceBest hot chocolate in Florence
Pasticceria NencioniSant’Ambrogio (Piazza dei Ciompi)Via Pietrapiana, 24RBest traditional coffee in FlorenceBest desserts and off the beaten path (full of locals)
Caffè LiettaPiazza della Libertà Piazza della Libertà, 6/7/8RBest traditional coffee in FlorenceBest setting, ample seating and for rainy days (covered outdoor tables)
Le Murate Caffè LetterarioSantAmbrogioPiazza delle MurateBest coffee in Florence for studying/long hoursFolks on a budget / aperitivo with entertainment (check schedule online)
Ben CaffÈPiazza DuomoVia dell’Oche, 7Best coffee in Florence for studying/long hoursVegans and American-style breakfast
La CitéBetween Piazza del Carmine and Piazza Santo SpiritoBorgo S. Frediano, 20RBest coffee in Florence for studying/long hoursBest for book lovers
Caffetteria delle OblatePiazza DuomoVia dell’ Oriuolo, 26Best coffee in Florence for studying/long hoursBest view / with kids 

Best Craft Coffee In Florence

Good To Know: All my recommendations for the best coffee in Florence serve dairy-free options for your coffee. Just ask! 

Ditta Artigianale

Front entrance of Ditta Artigianale on Via dei Neri in Florence, Italy. Stone wall and large glass door and window.

Find the Ditta Artigianale at Via dei Neri, 30/32 R, 50122 Florence, Italy with locations now at Piazza Ferrucci 1R, Via Lungarno Soderini 7R, Via dei Carducci 2R, and Via dello Sprone 5R.

Ditta Artiginale first opened in via dei neri in 2014 and has been going strong ever since with some of the best coffee in Florence. This cool, hip joint full of locals and tourists of all ages, serves traditional Italian coffee beverages such as an espresso but also more modern drinks such as a flat white. 

Here you can find traditional Italian pastries, international options such as muffins and a whole menu of breakfast items such as yogurt bowls and pancakes. They also have avocado toast and various other lunch options, including Italian favorites like a caprese salad. 

Good To Know: Ditta Artigianale has something for everything. I recommend the Ditta to anyone, even if you are traveling with folks who don’t like coffee or have dietary restrictions. 

Inside area of Ditta Artigianale Cafe in Florence, Italy. You can see pastries in a display case on the left, goods for sale on shelves on right. Tables on right.

Since their initial debut, the coffee shop has expanded all over the city and now has five locations. They are all very cool spaces, most with an outdoor seating area (Piazza Ferrucci location has the largest outdoor area) or upstairs seating, decorated with cool furniture, lamps and plants. 

Their coffee is made with single-origin beans sourced from independent growers from all over the word. You can buy their coffee beans to bring home as a souvenir or purchase online. And if coffee isn’t your jam, no problem. Check out their extensive menu, including a great aperitivo scene.


Woman walks into door at Melaleuca Bakery and Bistrot in Florence, Italy. There are people eating in the dining area on the left.

Find Melaleuca at Lungarno delle Grazie, 18, 50122 Florence

Melaleuca is a little slice of international heaven smack dab in the middle of Florence, serving up some of the best international pastries, meals and coffee the city has to offer. 

Run by Marco Cappelliari and Chloe Guest just outside of Santa Croce along the Arno river, Melaluca is supplied by D612 roasters, offering up a great list of traditional Italian drinks such as a classic macchiato. They are also experienced in making international coffee favorites that will have you coming back time and again.

Try It: Their specialty is the magic coffee, a Melbourne-specialty coffee made from a double ristretto espresso, topped with the same amount of steamed milk.

I have tried a lot of pastry in Florence and this is definitely the best out there. The sourdough is amazing, the cakes are elegant and the pastries are the chef’s kiss (buttery and rich). I suggest the pain au chocolat or a cinnamon roll. You can also order full sit-down meals, including brunch, such as fish tacos, pancakes and eggs Benedict. 

Good To Know: You can also pre-order cakes for celebrations or larger orders for a crowd. 

Coffee Mantra

Entrance to Coffee Mantra in Florence, Italy. The windows are full of stickers and you can see people inside drinking coffee.

Find Coffee Mantra at Borgo la Croce, 71R, 50121 Florence

Coffee Mantra is a favorite among Italians for the best coffee in Florence because of its strategic and convenient location and their ability to make a wide selection of coffees, catering to anyone’s needs or desires. 

Plan Ahead: If you are at all interested in checking out the Sant’Ambrogio Market, be sure to factor in a visit to Coffee Mantra and do a bit of people watching. This neighborhood is packed with locals, giving you an authentic Italian coffee experience in Florence. 

Man sitting on bench outside Coffee Mantra cafe in Florence, Italy.

Coffee Mantra uses beans from Gearbox (local coffee roaster in Tuscany) to make their espresso, chai, matcha, ice coffee and cortado, just to name a few. They also make ice-cream coffee specialties such as affogato (coffee with gelato), which is a real treat. You can order small pastries and sandwiches to eat at one of their small indoor or outdoor seating areas but what we really love them for is their coffee drinks. 

Tip: Don’t let your menu scare you away. It’s full of fancy coffee beverages with names you might not recognize but don’t be afraid to ask for a classic Italian cappuccino or macchiato. Just because it’s not on the menu, doesn’t mean they can’t make it. 


Front entrance of Simbiosi Cafe in Florence, Italy.

Find SimBIOsi Organic Cafe & Lovely Bistro at Via de’ Ginori, 64R, 50123 Florence 

SimBIOsi, meaning “harmonious” also plays with the Italian word for organic, bio, which is capitalized in its name SimBIOsi. This cute and comfortable nook tucked away on a corner just outside of the San Lorenzo neighborhood is ideal for getting away from tourist crowds and sipping on great, classic Italian coffee served alongside bistro-style food such as crepes, omelets, charcuterie boards, sandwiches and salads. 

If you are looking for a little snack, grab a small stool at the window or at the bar to enjoy your coffee and pastry. The coffee is made with D612 coffee beans roasted close by, making it some of the best coffee in Florence. 

Main standing bar area at Simbiosi Cafe in Florence, Italy. Two women are drinking coffees.

SimBIOsi has a really cool vibe with vintage furnishings, dim lighting and stone walls (which actually helps the place stay cool in the summer as well!). 

Good To Know: SimbIOsi has also opened up a full restaurant and pizzeria next door. Make a whole evening with afternoon coffee, snacks or cocktails at the cafe, head to the restaurant for dinner and grab a gelato at a close-by location such as My Sugar or La Gelateria.

La Ménagère

Blue awning and sign above entrance to La Menagere coffee shop in Florence, Italy.

Find La Ménagère at Via de’ Ginori, 8R, 50123 Florence

La Ménagère has been up and running in Florence for quite some time now and despite their high prices, it still remains one of the more popular coffee shops in Florence among younger folks. It has a very cool vibe with beautiful plants, flowers and lighting decorating the enormous venu from top to bottom.

Keep In Mind: The prices at La Ménagère are indeed higher at other coffee shops in Florence but you are paying for your experience here, not just the coffee. 

People sitting in outdoor area at La Menagere in Florence, Italy. There is a huge glass wall that separates indoors from outdoors.

What sets Ménagère apart from other coffee joints in Florence is that it’s a cafe, flower shops, home furnishing store (selling vases, plates, napkins, bags, etc) and restaurant all in one! You can eat, drink and shop all at the same time, all with some of the best coffee in Florence. Their menu is extensive, catering to both the local Italian market and international tourists. 

Choose between coffee, snacks, pastries and full, sit down restaurant meals. 

I always like to have a look around inside but I prefer to sit outdoors under the ‘portico-like’ entrance, allowing for great people watching. There are several different large rooms indoors to choose from. 

Best Traditional Coffee In Florence


People waiting in line (out the door) at Gilli Cafe in Florence, Italy.

Find Gilli at Via Roma, 1R, 50123 Florence

Gilli has been a historic institution since 1733, serving up some of the best coffee in Florence from a traditional, Italian point of view. If you came to Italy for a true Italian coffee experience then head here. 

Gilli will follow the traditional bar formula for ordering coffee and enjoying your time there. Either order at the cash register and enjoy your coffee and pastry standing at the bar or sit down at the table to enjoy a more extensive menu with various meal options. 

top view of cappuccino on a green marble counter with a receipt next to it on left hand side.

Good To Know: If you are looking for a clean restroom in Florence, head to a nice bar like Gilli (or any of my choices for best traditional coffee in this section). Buy an espresso, have it at the bar and then indulge in their very clean restrooms. I find Gilli to have particularly clean facilities. 

frontal view of bar at gilli with bottles of liquor lining wooden shelving and two men serving and making coffee in the middle.

Gilli is charming yet upscale at the same time, welcoming Italians and tourists alike. My favorite place to sit is in one of the couches on the sidewalk or at a table overlooking Piazza della Repubblica. Even in the summer months they will have airflow within the outdoor seating area, making it enjoyable to people watch and drink some of the most traditional Italian coffee in Florence!

Outdoor seating at Gilli Cafe in Florence, Italy. You can see boxed sweets in the window display.

Fact: At fancy bars like Gilli, you can order whatever you like, whenever! The kitchen won’t close in the afternoon (read when Italians eat dinner for when to expect eateries to be open) and you can order breakfast, brunch, lunch and indulge in a great aperitivo in a prime location, no matter the time! 

Apart from food, coffee and drinks, consider picking up a gift or souvenir at Gilli with some of their handmade chocolate or sweets. They also have a vast selection of small pastries that you can choose to bring back to your apartment or hotel for dessert or a snack later on. 

Caffè Concerto Paszkowski

Outside terrace area of Paszkowski Cafe in Florence, Italy.

Find Caffè Concerto Paszkowski at Piazza della Repubblica, 6, 50123 Florence

Caffè Concerto Paszkowski serves up some of the best coffee in Florence and is also one of Florence’s most famous bars among locals. This historic cafe first opened as a Polish brewery in the Florentine Jewish ghetto but was later sold and re-designed.

Come here if you are looking for a higher-end Italian bar experience with excellent traditional, Italian coffee beverages and sweet pastries such as brioche con la crema (pastry with cream), saccottino al cioccolato (pastry with chocolate) or a budino di riso (rice pudding short-crust pastry). Just like Gilli, grab a table outdoors overlooking Piazza della Repubblica and take a load off from all the sightseeing. 

Simplicity, reliability and quality is what you can expect at Paszkowski

Caffè Scudieri 

View of coffee bar in Italy and barista at work. Scudieri in Florence, Italy.

Find Caffè Scudieri at Piazza di San Giovanni, 19R, 50123 Florence 

What makes Caffè Scudieri one of my top choices for best coffee in Florence is not only the coffee beverages themselves but also its location. This Florentine coffee shop, open since 1939, prizes itself on tradition and authenticity, using coffee roasted by Nannini. 

Good To Know: Choose from a selection of handmade sweets, cookies and candies to bring home before you leave. 

People sitting outside under umbrellas at Scudieri Caffe in Florence, Italy.

While you can order non-breakfast items, I highly suggest going with a classic Italian breakfast here (the pastries are made in-house), whether you are at the bar standing or sitting down enjoying Piazza del Duomo and all its beauty. 

Like the other suggestions listed under Best Traditional Coffee In Florence, this is a more upscale Italian coffee shop with beautiful marble countertops, large chandeliers and chic decor. 


rivoire bar florence from street view

Find Rivoire at Piazza della Signoria, 5R, 50122 Florence

Rivoire is definitely one of Florence’s nicest bars and it’s location is one of the best, overlooking Piazza della Signoria. Open since 1872, Rivoire has made a name for itself not only among locals who are looking to warm up on a cold winter’s day but also among tourists who are looking to indulge. The interior has a vintage vibe but nonetheless very elegant. 

Good To Know: Unlike other famous coffee shops in Florence, Rivoire still takes a long vacation in the winter, closing for about a month each year around February (dates vary). 

You can really order anything you want here including cocktails, great traditional coffee, tea and various foods but Rivoire is really known for their hot chocolate. Italian hot chocolate is basically a melted chocolate bar. Opt for whipped cream for an extra special treat! 

Tip: Rivoire’s famous hot chocolate carries quite the hefty price tag. To get a taste of their famous chocolate, have it standing at the bar instead of sitting down, which will cost half the price! 

Pasticceria Nencioni

People standing outside entrance to Pasticceria Nencioni in Florence, Italy. Bicycle out front as well.

Find Pasticceria Nencioni at Via Pietrapiana, 24R, 50121 Firenze

Pasticceria Nencioni is a hole in the wall around the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood in Florence serving up some of the best pastry and coffee at the right price the city has to offer. Space is limited with only a couple of indoor tables and a small banco or bar to stand. 

In my experience, their pastries are some of the best in Florence. They also make several take-home dessert options such as puddings, panna cotta, creme brulee, etc. They are most famous for their budino di riso (rice pudding filled short-crust pastries) and sfogliatelle (puff pastry folded over and baked with various fillings). 

Fact: Pasticceria actually means bakery or pastry shop which is always a good indication of excellent pastry made on-site. 

top view of a cappuccino with a pastry on a small dish on a napkin on a beige marble countertop from above.
The cappuccino and savory pastry I always order at Nencioni in Florence

While I usually order caffè in vetro (espresso in a small glass), I always order a cappuccino here as their milk and coffee beverages are particularly good and well suited for their rich pastries. And because it’s off the beaten path, you won’t find many tourists but rather, it’s jam packed with locals. 

Caffè Lietta

Two people at the bar in Caffè Lietta in Florence, Italy. Barista behind the bar.

Piazza della Libertà, 6/7/8 Rosso, 50129 Florence

Oh how I love Caffè Lietta but not only for some of the best coffee in Florence but for their amazing pastry and “French cafè life” feeling. The interior is fabulously decorated with plants and with Roberto Cavalli’s personal touch, it couldn’t be more stylish. They have ample indoor and outdoor seating (which is under the portico, sheltered for rainy days). 

Pastries on display in glass cases at Caffè Lietta in Florence, Italy.

Fact: Caffè Lietta is where the original negroni was created in 1919.

Although a bit outside the city center, it is well-worth the 20 minute walk to enjoy great pastry and coffee or an aperitivo in a luxurious setting. I love their small, short-crust pastries filled with things like cream, raspberry and chocolate and sweetened ricotta but you can also have light lunches, tramezzini and other snacks. Caffè Lietta is one of my favorite places in all of Florence! 

View from above of a cappuccino with a receipt for Caffè Lietta. There are coins on the receipt.

Best Coffee Shops In Florence For Studying

Le Murate Caffè Letterario

Fine Le Murate Caffè Letterario at Piazza delle Murate, 50122 Firenze

Caffè Letterario is one of the first cafes I discovered when studying abroad in Florence almost 12 years ago and it’s still one of my go-to spots if I need to sit down and concentrate on work. This former convent and women’s prison, is today a bustling student-flooded center ideal for working and studying. Large tables, single tables, a large piazza, reliable wifi and cheap eats keeps it a favorite among locals. 

Order great traditional coffee, cheap, casual lunches, sandwiches, lovely apericena (a type of aperitivo that has a large buffet food selection) and after-dinner drinks. The spring and summer is when Caffè Letterario really comes to life as the courtyard is mild and protected from wind. 

Don’t Miss: Le Murate’s contemporary art museum which uses the ex-prison cells as galleries to display art!

This venue is also host to various art shows, musical performances, concerts, film screenings and book readings, all open to the public without reservation. 

Good To Know: Because Le Murate caters primarily to students, you can be sure the prices are right. Enjoy a decent all-inclusive lunch (primo + secondo + contorno + water + coperto for just about €10.00.

Ben CaffÈ

Front window of Ben coffee shop in Florence, Italy.

Find Ben CaffÈ at Via dell’Oche, 7, 50122 Florence

Ben CaffÈ is a super cozy spot hidden on a side street just a short walk from the Duomo. It’s usually pretty quiet with not much bustle, making it ideal for students. Enjoy either traditional Italian coffee beverages or try one of their non-traditional coffees such as the Aeropress. 

Good To Know: Ben CaffÈ is part of the Hotel Benivieni, a three star hotel in an ideal location away from the busiest and loudest main drags in Florence.

Here you can also find plenty of other beverages including tea, milk beverages, smoothies and juices. And I can’t forget to mention the €10 all-inclusive breakfast deal with coffee, juice and American-style breakfast (eggs, toast, breakfast meat, etc). You can also order a vegan breakfast

La Cité 

street view of le cite cafe with brown umbrellas covering an outside eating area with brick building in background

Find La Cité at Borgo S. Frediano, 20r, 50124 Florence

This busy cafe bookstore has been a favorite among locals, in particular artists and students, for quite some time now for the best coffee in Florence. This fun spot, filled with cozy lounge chairs, large tables and great music, always has some event going on. 

Good To Know: La Cité is just across the way from Neromo, one of our favorite pizzerias in Florence! 

Come to La Cité for a quiet study session or to find a secluded reading nook in the morning but as aperitivo time rolls around, this library book-shop cafè turns into a lively venue for book readings and concerts. 

inside of a bar with a white rug and several arm chairs around a wooden bar with bookshelves on side and balcony ontop

And don’t be fooled by the outside, it seems small but La Cité has two upstairs areas and two different areas downstairs to accommodate more patrons than what seems possible. 

Good To Know: You can depend on finding a powder outlet at almost every table or close by which is not always the case in Italy at coffee shops. 

Caffetteria delle Oblate

View of the Duomo from the Oblate Library Cafe in Florence, Italy.

Find Oblate Cafeteria at Via dell’ Oriuolo, 26, 50122 Florence

Caffetteria delle Oblate is located on the top floor of an old convent turned library just beyond the Duomo. This coffee shop is located within the Oblate library, home to a vast catalog of books for students, adults and children. Although a bit tricky to find, once you enter, ask at the main desk for the stairs or elevator to get to the top where you will literally be floored by the view of the Duomo. 

Fact: At Caffetteria delle Oblate there is no extra charge for sitting at a table! 

This casual coffee shop serves up student-friendly prices for anything from traditional Italian coffee and pastry (also organic and fair trade options) to light lunch and great aperitivo starting in the early evening. Although filled with many tables and plenty of space, the caffetteria delle Oblate fills up quickly with students who often pop in for a quick study break. 

Traveling With Kids: Caffetteria delle Oblate is a great option for families with small kids because it’s shaded, not fancy and even has a great kids section with an extensive international section on the ground floor. While you do need a library card to check books out, you don’t need one to enjoy the cool, air-conditioned space with your little ones! 

Starbucks In Florence

side street view of starbucks with two arched windows or large doors on a light yellow building on sidewalk in foreground

Yes, we have Starbucks in Florence.

Starbucks first opened in Milan Italy in 2018 and as of late 2023 had 231 locations with plans to expand even further across the peninsula in the coming years. 

Recently, Starbucks was opened in Florence in the underground pass at the main Santa Maria train station. Although not welcomed by the local Florentines, Starbucks has continued to remain open and mainly caters to the tourist industry. There are also locations in the upper part of the train station and close to Piazza del Duomo downtown.

The Starbucks in Florence targets an international market who are looking for “to go” options while on the move at the train station. 

Coffee Roasters In Florence

D612 Coffee Roasters

D612 Coffee Roasters, opened in 2016, is dedicated to roasting beans in a new and innovative way when compared to traditional Italian beans on the market. Its name, D612, comes from the codice catastale or the registry area code, a reference to the company’s dedication to Florence. 

Lucian Trapanese roasts his beans at a much lower temperature than other companies, creating a more complex and aromatic bean. 

You can either go directly to their headquarters outside the city center near Porta al Prato or buy their coffee at Melaleuca, SimBIOsi or online. 

Gearbox Coffee Roasters

Gearbox Coffee Roasters was founded by Tommaso Bongini, who knows the coffee business well (his family runs Mokarico). Gearbox is more focused on specialized roast coffee that is dedicated to quality control from the original farmer to the finished product. Located just outside of Florence in Borgo San Lorenzo in Tuscany, Tomasso roasts his beans two days a week, on Monday and Thursday, to ensure quality and freshness every time. 

Head to Coffee Mantra in Sant’Ambrogio to try his amazing local coffee!

La Sosta Specialty Coffee

La Sosta Specialty Coffee is a small artisan coffee roaster located just outside of Florence in Impruneta. 

First opened by Simone Guidi, this one of a kind roaster is open to the public just on Saturdays for full experience such as tastings, tours and classes. You can purchase their beans online

Ditta Artigianale 

Ditta Artigianale uses its own coffee, which you can buy either online or directly at one of their five locations in Florence and some select Esselunga grocery stores but is outsourced to roaster Caffè Corsini. 

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Best Coffee In Florence FAQ

What are the best specialty coffee shops in Florence?

The best Florence specialty coffee shops to visit on your vacation are Ditta Artigianale, Melaleuca, SimbIOsi Organic Cafe & Lovely Bistro, Coffee Mantra and La Ménagère. If you are looking for traditional Italian coffee, head to Gilli, Paszkowski, Scudieri, Rivoire, Caffè Lietta or Nencioni.

What is the best cup of coffee in Italy?

The best coffee to try in Italy is the cappuccino, which is by far Italy’s most famous coffee beverage made from equal parts Italian espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. 

What is the Instagrammable cafe in Florence?

La Ménagère is the most Instagrammable cafés in Florence because of its amazing decor with plenty of plants and flowers to liven up the atmosphere. You can photograph several spaces, including indoor and outdoor areas with a flower shop, home decor store, restaurant and bar/café all in one location. For a less ‘touristy’ option, check out Caffè Lietta in Piazza della Libertà designed by Roberto Cavalli.

How do most Italians drink coffee?

Italians typically enjoy small coffee beverages and drink them relatively quickly. They do this either standing at the bar or sitting down at a table. It’s unlikely to see an Italian walking and drinking their coffee at the same time. Italian coffee is not served quite as hot compared to US coffee, making it much easier to drink quickly.