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10 Food Souvenirs & Gifts From Florence – Food Items I Never Leave Florence Without 

Last updated on March 17th, 2024

Chances are you have been able to eat a lot of fine food while in Florence. Whether you prefer street food, you like sitting down to some of the finer restaurants or you love a bistecca fiorentina, you may want to bring home some food souvenirs to remember Florence by. 

Or perhaps you are looking for a gift to bring back to a loved one or friend. Nothing says Florence more than food and wine! 

In this article, I will share with you my picks for the 10 best food souvenirs and gifts to bring back from Florence. These are all items that I bring back home with me when I return to the USA and that friends and family constantly ask for. 

I will also share where my favorite shops are to buy each item and the best stores in general for food shopping if you are looking for gourmet food items in Florence. 

Chianti Classico Wine

Bottles of red wine on a shelf.

Where To Buy It: Enoteca Alessi

Chianti Classico wine is THE wine you should be bringing home with you by which to remember Florence. Chances are you had a bistecca fiorentina while here, paired with a bottle of Chianti Classico. Bring a bottle home and relive your culinary experience in Florence.

If you are looking for an extra special souvenir or gift, consider a Chianti Classico Riserva, which is a much finer wine (and much more expensive!). It will age well and can be enjoyed years down the line without spoiling. 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

side view of glass bottle of tuscan olive oil on white table setting with bunches or rosemary and candles around it.

Where To Buy It: Sant’Ambrogio Market or Central Market

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best souvenirs you can bring back from Italy in general but I think it’s a particularly good gift to get in Florence if you have a chance to visit one of the local food markets and buy directly from the producers. 

Extra virgin olive oil is best for travelers who appreciate the fine taste of good quality olive oils and use it a lot back home. Abroad, EVOO holds a hefty price tag but not when you are buying it at the market in Florence. Stock up now for one of the best savings!

Pecorino Cheese

side view of a truck with various pecorino cheese for sale stacked on top of each other with yellow signs indicating type and price in red writing on bottom.

Where To Buy It: Formaggi E Salumi Sandro & Ivana or Sant’Ambrogio Market

Pecorino cheese from Tuscany is one of the must-try foods while visiting Florence, especially if you are a wine-lover. Pecorino cheese comes in all sorts of flavors and textures, making it the perfect pairing with several glasses of wine. 

Sheep’s milk pecorino cheese can be purchased and once vacuum packed, it’s safe to bring back abroad (to most countries but double check with each individual country first). 

Tip: Opt for more aged varieties or stagionato which will hold up better to long travel days without refrigeration. 

Cantucci e Vin Santo

cantucci cookies packaged in plastic with red ribbon sitting on shelf of grocery store.

Where To Buy It: Cantucci at Dolci e Dolcezze or Biscottificio Antonio Mattei Museo Bottega a Firenze

Cantucci are small twice baked almond cookies that hold up well as food souvenirs from Florence because they last for months without going bad. Paired with the famous sweet dessert wine Vin Santo, these make for a beautiful food souvenir or gift from Florence. 

The cookies are easy to find and can be purchased even at grocery stores but the Vin Santo needs to be purchased from a wine store or gourmet grocery store (see below for my recommendations). 

Packing Troubles: Don’t have room for both? Bring just the Vin Santo home and make cantucci with my Authentic Cantuccini Recipe (Italian Biscotti).

Handmade Linens

frontal view of hand towels rolled into small coils and stood up next to other colorful papers in the window of papiro window covered in glass.

Where To Buy It: Il Papiro

Handmade tea towels are one of my favorite souvenirs to bring back from Florence. At Il Papiro, they have different collections (availability depends on store, time of year, etc.) each with a different pattern and color scheme. 

I choose these handmade linens as a finer gift for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking, rather than just a souvenir. 

Locally Ground Coffee 

Inside area of Ditta Artigianale Cafe in Florence, Italy. You can see pastries in a display case on the left, goods for sale on shelves on right. Tables on right.

Where To Buy It: Ditta Artigianale 

Italy is home to some of the best coffee in the world, specifically un caffè or espresso. Although the coffee is not actually grown in Italy, the best coffee brands are carefully selected abroad and roasted domestically. 

La Ditta Artigianale is one of the small, artisan coffee roasters in Florence with several cafes throughout the city center. At all of their stores you can buy their whole beans or pre-ground coffee to bring home with you. 

Coffee Gifts: If you are looking for an Italian themed coffee gift from Florence, pair Ditta Artigianale coffee with an Italian Bialetti moka pot.

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Mango Chutney

Front entrance to Trattoria Cammillo in Florence, Italy. Wooden door with glass and sign above door.

Where To Buy It: Trattoria Cammillo

Trattoria Cammillo is one of the best restaurants in Florence for first time travelers but also a favorite among us locals. Known for their typical Florentine cuisine with memorable non-Italian dishes such as their shrimp curry are what keep us coming back for more. 

After years of serving their famous curries with mango chutney to Florence, Cammillo decided to sell their beloved secret chutney recipe as well. Pop in at any time to ask at the reception desk for their chutney in jars. Cammillo doesn’t market their chutney for sale. You have to know about it. Now you do! 

Truffle Goods

frontal shot of various truffle products including pasta and small jars.

Where To Buy It: Procacci 

Truffles grow well in Tuscany, making it one of the most popular foods to try while in Florence. You can best do this at Procaccia in Via de’ Tornabuoni and also choose from their vast selection of truffle goods to bring home as souvenirs and gifts. 

They have truffle honey, pastas, spreads, salts and other truffle preserves, all of which easily pack up with a bit of bubble wrap or a couple of sweaters as cushions. 

What I love most about truffle souvenirs is that they are a fancy way to dress up simple dishes at home, giving an extra bit of pizazz to your Italian food. 

Good To Know: Procacci is also a great spot in Florence for an aperitivo.

Artisan Pasta

Wall of colorful variety of pasta for sale in shop in Italy.

Where To Buy It: Pegna

Any kind of pasta makes a great souvenir or gift from Florence but I particularly suggest buying artisan pasta made with grani antichi or ancient grains. These pastas are unique tasting and speak to the local grains that are still grown in Tuscany. If you have space, pair your dried pasta with a canned sauce such as aglione or tomato sauce.

Good To Know: In most countries out of the EU, you cannot bring fresh or stuffed pasta. Dried pasta only such as pappardelle or tagliatelle. 

Handmade Ceramic Bowls Or Espresso Cups 

Handpainted ceramic espresso cup on a counter.

Where To Buy It: Sbigoli Terrecotte

For a more long-lasting foodie gift from Florence I always recommend hand painted ceramic bowls or espresso cups. Although not a food item, this is an item that you will have forever and is used with food. 

Espresso cups are smaller and a set of four packs up well. For travelers with more space, I suggest small bowls or salad plates. Keep them well packed in your carry on to prevent accidents. 

Good To Know: Ceramic shops in Florence can ship items to you abroad. Although it may take some time and have an extra cost, it’s reliable and a good choice for large items. 

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Best Stores To Buy Souvenirs From In Florence

Below are some of the best shops to buy food souvenirs from Florence, stocking artisan and gourmet local goods. 

Pegna Drogheria

Pegna Drogheria is a small, historic grocery store in the center of Florence hidden in the side streets off of the Duomo. Inside you can find just about anything you want including cheese, spices, canned goods, chocolate, candy, wine and other digestives

Although they do stock some mainstream food brands, the owner tries to source goods locally. If a jam is made locally, they have it. The best chocolate around? You can be sure to find it here! If you are a foodie in Florence, this is definitely a must-see! 


Shelves full of jarred food products at a store in Florence, Italy.

Sforno is one of the best bakeries in Florence with incredible Italian and international baked goods with a small, gourmet grocery section. 

Francesca, the owner, is always in search of the newest trends in food, making it one of the best spots in Florence to find new and innovative artisan food items. And if you don’t have a sweet tooth, not to worry. There are plenty of gourmet olive oils, canned veggies and fish, seasoned salts and sauces. 

Enoteca Alessi

Inside a specialty food store in Florence, Italy. Jars and bottles of food products on wooden shelves.

Enoteca Alessi is not only one of the best places in Florence to taste wines but also a fun grocery store for local food souvenirs and gifts from Florence. Alessi is divided into two sections, one dedicated to food and the second dedicated to wine and spirits. 

The food section is mainly sweet items such as chocolates, cookies, candies and seasonal, holiday treats (panettone for Christmas!). I find this the best place to get food souvenirs for kids from Florence. In the back is the wine section, a large room stacked floor to ceiling with wine, spirits and other digestives. 


Woman sits at a table in front entryway of Carduccio restaurant in Florence, Italy. Plants hang on either side.

Carduccio is actually a small vegetarian cafe Oltarno with a small farm-to-table grocery corner stocked full of items from Florentine farmers. Although you cannot bring back fresh fruits and vegetables, Carduccio also sells other items from these farmers such as olive oils, beans and legumes, dried pasta, canned sauces and other goods. 

Gurdulù Gastronomia 

Gurdulù Gastronomia is a gourmet deli with a small artisan grocer section. I come here for takeout in Florence and am often tempted by their small but curated section of food staples, perfect for cooking at your apartment rental and bringing home as food souvenirs and gifts from Florence. 

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